Thanks for your Support to Our Chapter

On behalf of the Montana Chapter Executive Committee, I would like to voice a hearty "Thank you!" to all the folks who responded to our recent fund-raising appeal.  Your response far exceeded any other we have ever received, for a total, as of early September, of approximately $3,000.  This amount, in turn, is roughly one-fourth of the chapter's budget for the current year.  The result is that we will enter the year 2000 with a strong balance, which in turn will allow us to work on all those priorities we mentioned in the appeal letter.  

I believe that this strong financial position for next year is especially important in view of the opportunities we have to work in the area of political training, with the expectation of resulting activism in campaigns that should result in the election of environmentally-friendly legislators and state-level officials; we have better prospects next year than perhaps at any time during the 1990s.  

And, your support will enable us to do a better job of keeping the federal and state agencies honest in that process, hopefully keeping a lid on ill-advised timber sales, new mine proposals, and the use of off-road vehicles on trails whose use should be limited to muscle-powered propulsion.  

So...again...thanks to the following persons who took the time and made the effort to contribute:

Kim T. Ashwell, JoAnne R. Blake, Ken Baldwin, Paul R. Bauer, Elwin Bennington, Bill and Kim Birck, Dick Boehmler, Carla Boehmler, Maryon Border, Denver Bryan, Marion R. Burmeister, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Canfield, Amanda Cater, Charles Caughlan, David Chambers, Katherine Chew, Carmen Christianson, Mrs.Earl C. Cockrum, Jim and Gail Curtis, Joan D'Aoust, James A. Donahue, Adeline Donnes, Cecil L. Dunn, Marty Essen, Emily Fagenstrom, Ron Farmer, Thomas Fink, Joanne Fisher, Dorothy R. Frankovich, Dale Fredlund, Vanda Gallagher, Josh Gould, Barbara Gregovich, Frank R. Gruden, Judith Lee Guthrie, Anne Hamilton, Marilyn R. Hill, Jet Holoubek, Karen Hoster, Bill Hubber, Duane Johnson, Robert Johnston, Cedron Jones, Jon Kohn, Michael Krebs, Glenn Kreisel, Miroslaw Kubik, Marion Kummer and Mark Sheiko, Bob Landis, Marvel Lawrence, Elmer Lucking, Kathleen Martin, John Masterson, Mr. & Mrs. William Maxson, Brooke Medicine Eagle, Linda McMullen and Farwell Smith, Mary Helen McNeal, Hobart McWilliams, Eve Meng, Matthew & Adelaide Merrill, Steve and Christine Michaels, Patrick R. Montgomery, D. C.,Frank & Bettie Moran, W. L. Moyer, Ron Mueller, Jeanne Nottingham, John T. Olson, Ph.D., Charles Paden, Jean Parker, Ellen L. Parks, Brantley Persons  (Eddyline Outfitters), Kathleen Ralph, Robert Ringler, Roger Rink, Roxanne Rogers, Gretchen Rupp, Barbara Rusmore, Russell Sampley, Bob Schulz, Janet A. Scott, Herva Simpson, Richard Skultin, Ph.D., John Snively, K. Chris Southall, William J. Speare, Tim Speyer, Jim Steffeck, J. V. Stephens, Krys Stromsted, Dick & Pat Taber, William A. Thomas, Jill Todd, Helen Tollefson, Nina Tomaszewski, Scott Tunnock, Ned & Julie Vasquez, Nancy G. Verling,  Eva Wall, Frederick B. Walter, Douglas Webber, M.D., Jack Webster, David & Kelly Westphal, Michael Willet, Michael G. Williams, J. R. Wingert, Clare H. Witcomb, Barbee Whitney, Alison Young, Vergle Youngbauer, and Virginia Zelezny.

 Errors or omissions in the donor list are your chairman's fault; donations received after this compilation will be acknowledged in the next chapter newsletter. (Sherm Janke, 1999 Chapter Chair)


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Thanks for your support to our Chapter

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