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Sierra Club Action Alert!

Help Pass Comprehensive Clean Energy Legislation this Spring!

Right now the Senate is debating a clean energy bill that would mean more jobs, less pollution, and greater security (Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act, S. 1733). But this bill won’t work if corporate polluters refuse to pay their fair share, and instead lobby to weaken the clean air laws that reduce pollution. As Montana’s Senators Baucus and Tester help move this clean energy bill forward, they have the chance to stand up to the corporate polluters that are seeking bailouts and loopholes.

A final climate and clean energy bill must

  • Cap and reduce carbon dioxide.
  • Retain the Environmental Protection Agency's authority to regulate greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act. No waivers of EPA authority over existing power plants.
  • Not approve new Off-Shore Drilling - We oppose new off shore oil drilling, especially in places that were protected by the Congressional moratorium that expired last year. Drilling is still a dirty and dangerous business that is incompatible with coastal ecosystems and economies. It makes no sense to include new drilling in a climate bill; drilling and clean energy simply do not go together.
  • Not promote irresponsible biomass - Our Senators need to oppose what's known as "Farm Bill language," which would remove meaningful safeguards on public and private lands.*
  • Retain California's (and 14 other states') authority to set vehicle greenhouse gas standards in the final bill**
  • Have a strong Renewable Energy Standard (RES) and Energy Efficiency Resource Standards (EERS). We would like to see a RES of at least 25% by 2025 and a EERS of 10% in 2020. We need to strengthen the RES in order to create more jobs and make America competitive in global clean energy economy.

We need your help! Please call your Senators’ offices and urge them to support the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act and to make sure polluters don’t succeed at weakening the bill at our expense. If you are a rural electric co-op member please let them know "I am a co-op member!" (

Contact Your Senators Today!

Senator Max Baucus: (202) 224-2651, or e-mail comments at:

Senator Jon Tester: (202) 224-2644, or e-mail comments at:

Congressional Offices:

Senator Max Baucus:

  • 511 Hart Senate Ofc. Bldg. / Washington DC 20510
    (202) 224-2651/fx(202) 224-9412
  • 222 N 32nd St, Ste 100 / Billings MT 59101
    657-6790/fx 406-657-6793
  • 32 E Babcock, Ste. 114 / Bozeman MT 59715
    586-6104/fx 406-587-9177
  • 125 W Granite, Ste. 100 / Butte MT 59701
  • 113 3rd Street N / Great Falls MT 59401
  • 30 W 14th St, Ste 206 / Helena MT 59601
  • 8 3rd St E / Kalispell MT 59901
  • 1821 S Ave W, Ste 203 / Missoula MT 59801
    329-3123/fx 406-728-7610

Senator Jon Tester:

  • 204 Russell Senate Ofc. Bldg. / Washington DC 20510
    (202) 224-2644/fx (202) 224-8594
  • 222 N 32nd St, Ste 101 / Billings MT 59101
    252-0550/fx 406-252-7768
  • 211 Haggerty Ln / Bozeman MT 59715
    586-4450/fx 406-586-7647
  • 125 W Granite, Ste 200 / Butte MT 59701
    723-3277/fx 406-782-4717
  • 321 1st Ave N / Great Falls MT 59401
  • 208 N Montana Ave, Ste 202 / Helena MT 59601
    449-5401/fx 406-449-5462
  • 1845 Hwy 93 S, Ste 210 / Kalispell MT 59901 / 257-3360/fx 406-257-3974
  • 116 W Front St / Missoula MT 59802
    728-3003/fx 406-728-2193

Write a letter to the editor and send it to Montana newspapers!
(This is so important – industry supporters have had a disproportionate voice in the media)

Letters must be less than 300 words and contain the writer’s name, address and telephone number (phone numbers are for verification, not publication).


Missoula Independent,

Ravalli Republic,

Helena Independent Record, (200 word limit)

Bozeman Chronicle,

Billings Gazette,

Great Falls Tribune (250 word limit)

* Renewable biomass can either be part of the solution to global warming, or part of the problem. If done responsibly, biomass from forests, crops, and waste can reduce global warming pollution while protecting sensitive ecosystems and contributing to local economies. But without adequate safeguards, development and over-harvesting could damage water quality, critical wildlife habitat, and soil productivity while actually increasing pollution. We must strike a balance that provides cleaner energy without unintentionally incentivizing the destruction of protected forests and wildlife habitat.

** With its innovative clean car standards, California and 14 other states led the way for strong national vehicle standards that will cut our dependence on oil, curb global warming pollution and save money at the pump. California's authority to set vehicle standards must be preserved so that states can help lead us towards a clean energy future.

For more information contact Sierra Club’s Missoula field office at 406-549-1142

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